The Exo-Filter is a Utility Mod that purifies debuffs on a Bot Defender and makes them Unstoppable.

Exo-Filter New


After an exocomet crashed near Moonbase Two, a series of exo-tech was developed from its ore, including the mysterious Exo-Filter.

Max StatsEdit


Baisc Abilities Edit

  • Purification
  • Unstoppable

Abilities Edit

  • Every 15 seconds, all Debuffs are purified and an Unstoppable Buff is granted for 2 seconds, plus 0.25 second(s) for every Debuffs removed in this way.
  • Purification immediately activates whenever 3 simultaneous Debuffs are active.
Rank Unstoppable Purification Unstoppable
1 2 seconds +0.25 seconds
2 2.4 seconds +0.3 seconds
3 2.9 seconds +0.35 seconds

Signature AbilityEdit


Repair Health whenever a Debuff is Purified.

Level Repair
5 1.1%
10 1.4%
15 1.7%
25 2.2%
30 2.4%
35 2.7%


The Exo-Filter is especially effective against Bots who inflict several damaging debuffs at once, and Bots who inflict permanent debuffs. If you must use use a Special 3 that inflicts three or more debuffs, do so immediately after a purification activates.

These Bots' debuffs will not be effective against Exo-Filters because they constantly inflict several or permanent debuffs:

Generally, Bots who rely on their own buffs and/or only one debuff are recommended to use against Bots with Exo-Filters.

You can pair this module with Bots with their own Unstoppable abilities to make them more Unstoppable often, or with Bots who are likely to be attacked by debuffing opponents due to their Class advantage/disadvantage.

Some possible Match-ups: