Note: This explanation of Commander Masteries was taken from the official Transformers: Forged to Fight website.

TFF Masteries

Commander Masteries, introduced in Version 3.0, are a selection of offensive and defensive bonuses that apply to your entire roster of Bots. Commander Masteries provide you with permanent bonuses to all Bots; at all times, though some may be restricted or modified based on the game mode, Bot, or other situational criteria.

Masteries can be accessed through the base or the Commander profile.

The bonuses provided by Commander Masteries can range from enhancing your damage output through various means, to providing you with a stronger defense by raising the armor rating of your Bots. Prefer utilizing ranged attacks? Build up your mastery of dodging and counterattacking. Are you an aggressive attacker? There are Commander Masteries that will enhance your damage output! Get hit often? There are Commander Masteries that will raise your armor!

There are plenty of different strategies you can utilize when building out your Commander Masteries, but they all have one thing in common… They’re here to bolster your team in a fight!

Commander Masteries are separated into two different categories: Offensive and Defensive; which bolster your damage output or your ability to negate or minimize damage respectively. Additionally, Commander Masteries may have multiple ranks for you to unlock, each of which will power up the benefits you receive from that Commander Mastery, or unlock additional benefits.

Utilizing Commander Masteries Edit

Mastery Points are a unique resource that determine how many Commander Masteries and Ranks of Commander Masteries you can have active at any given time. You gain Mastery Points by raising your Commander Level, starting at Level 18. This means that at this time, the most points any Commander can have is 33. Commanders that are Level 18 and higher will retroactively be awarded Mastery Points based on their current level.

Next, you have to unlock the Commander Mastery that you would like to utilize. Most Commander Masteries will have a prerequisite that must be met before you are able to activate it. This could mean having unlocked the Commander Mastery that comes before it, having placed enough Mastery Points in the Offensive or Defensive category before being able to unlock its benefits, or having reached a high enough Commander Level.

Mastery Core

Tier 1 Mastery Core. Costs 75 Energon.

Tier 2 Mastery Core

Tier 2 Mastery Core. Costs 350 Energon

Some Commander Masteries have a cost to unlock it. This comes in the form of Mastery Cores. Mastery Cores are rare items that can be purchased in the game, or won through different events or Missions. There will be some Commander Masteries that require different kinds of Mastery Cores to unlock, and will require additional Mastery Cores to unlock the next level.

Each Commander Mastery also has an activation cost after unlocking. For most of Commander Masteries, it will be a Gold cost, but some of the higher tier Commander Masteries will require small amounts of Energon to rank up.

Resetting Commander Masteries Build Edit

You can reset your Commander Mastery Build at any time! When you choose to reset your Masteries in a certain category, all Commander Masteries in that category are disabled, and your Mastery Points are returned to you for reinvestment! Any Commander Masteries you have unlocked will remain unlocked. There is no cost to reset your Commander Masteries, but there will be a cost to activate your Commander Masteries again.

Some Commander Masteries are more effective in certain modes of the game, while they may be less effective in others. The option to reset your choices allows you customize a build for whatever challenge that you choose to focus on!

Offensive MasteriesEdit

Offensive Masteries Locked 3.1


Increases the Attack Rating of all Bots by +5~20 plus +1% of their Base Attack Rating.

Rank Attack Rating Requirements Activation Cost
1 +5 Commander Level 18 50 Gold
2 +10 Commander Level 19 100 Gold
3 +15 Commander Level 20 150 Gold
4 +20 Commander Level 21 200 Gold


Special Attack activated immediately after anding a combo deal 3-9% damage. Branches out to Courage, Pierce Armor, and Sniper.

Rank +Damage Requirements Activation Cost
1 +3% Commander Level 19

Damage Rank 1

50 Gold
2 +4% Commander Level 20

Damage Rank 1

100 Gold
3 +6% Commander Level 21

Damage Rank 1

150 Gold
4 +9% Commander Level 22

Damage Rank 1

200 Gold


Grants a +5.5%~17.5% Attack Buff while below 50% Health. This amount is doubled while below 10% Health. Precedes Counterpunch.


Basic Ranged Damage is increased by +8%~16% based on the distance from the opponent. Precedes Gunslinger.


Grants an Attack Buff that adds +6%~16% Attack Rating to your next attack after successfully sidestepping a ranged attack.


Grants an Attack Buff that adds +8%~18% Attack Rating to your next attack after successfully sidestepping a melee attack.

Pierce ArmorEdit

Critical Hits ignore 2%~14% of enemies’ Armor. Branches out to Critical Rating and Critical Damage.

Critical RateEdit

Increases the chance to score a Critical Hit by +0.9%~4.5%.

Critical DamageEdit

Increases the damage dealt by Critical Hits by +6%~15%.

One new offensive mastery tree was added in v3.1.

Star SeekerEdit

Precedes Unfazed.


when enemy evades ??% chance to be unstoppable for 1 second and +??% atk next hit.

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Defensive MasteriesEdit

Defensive Masteries Locked 3.1


Increases the maximum Health of all Bots by +70…280 plus +2% of their Base Health.


Increases passive Armor for all Bots in order to endure 1%…4% more attack damage.

Full MettleEdit

Grants a 6%…10% Armor Buff while Health is above 95%…85%.

Resist MeleeEdit

Increases passive Melee Resistance in order to endure 1%…5% more Melee Damage.

Critical ResistanceEdit

Enemies deal -0.9%…4.5% fewer Critical Hits against your Bots.

Critical Damage ResistanceEdit

Enemies deal -6%…15% less Critical Damage against your Bots.

Resist Ranged Edit

Increases passive Ranged Resistance in order to endure 1.5%…8% more Ranged Damage.

Energy Resistance Edit

Increases passive Energy Resistance in order to endure 2%… 6% more Energy Damage.


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