Nightbird's Mark New
The Nightbird's Mark is an Attack Mod that enhances Critical Damage and Evade.


The mark of a giant female ninja robot. It exposes weaknesses in enemies, increasing the effectiveness of your Base Defender's Critical Hits. Doctor Fujiyama would be proud.

Max StatsEdit


Basic Abilities Edit

  • Enhanced Criticals
  • Evade

Abilities Edit

  • Critical Hits
    • +40~120% Critical Damage
    • +5% Armor penetration
  • Passive
    • +4% chance to Evade incoming Melee attacks.
    • Successfully Evading an attack grants +100% Critical Rate for your next attack.
Rank Enhanced Criticals Evade
1 40% 4%
2 60% 4%
3 80% 4%
4 100% 4%

Signature AbilityEdit

Nightbird's Cull

 Instantly kill opponents at low Health.

 Strike a lethal blow instantly against opponents below ~10%~ Health.

Level Health
5 7.5%
10 9%
15 10.3%
20 11.5%
30 13.7%
35 14.6%


It is recommended to pair this Module with Bots who frequently deal Critical hits, and so is suited for most Warriors, Scouts, and Demolition Bots. Dinobot also relies on Critical Hits.

Bots who also have powerful evading such as Bumblebee (DOTM), Barricade and Sideswipe will be evading much more attacks.