Superconductor v2

The Superconductor 1000 is a high-end Attack Module that makes a Bot Defender's Special 1 Unblockable.


Using an array of supercooled magnetic coils, the Superconductor 1000 amplifies Special Attack 1 of your Base Defender to devastating levels.

Max StatsEdit


Basic Abilities Edit

  • Power Flood
  • Unblockable 2

Abilities Edit

  • Passive:
    • Generate 10~% Power every 10 seconds. No effect when current Power exceeds 60%.
    • This Defender is more likely to use Special Attack 1 whenever available.
  • Special Attack 1: This attack cannot be blocked.
Rank Power
1 10%
2 13%
3 16%

Signature AbilityEdit


Start the fight with some Power already generated.

Level Power
5 2%
10 3%
99 21%


Defense Edit

While the Special 1's of Bots with this Mod can't be Blocked, they can still be dodged. Bots with a quick, ranged Special 1 are more likely to hit an attacking Commander's bot. Melee Special 1's are more likely to hit if the opposing Bot is against the edge.

Raids Edit

It is easy to bait out a Bot's Special 1 if it's melee. Windblade and Kickback can disable the Mod's Power Gain buff.

Obtainment Edit

  • The 2-Star version was available in the Raid Store, but was removed in v2.0. Before then, it could be bought if a Commander had 1050 Medals and 75,000 Raid Chips.
  • The 3~4 Star version of the Mod can be found in the Exclusive Mod Crystal.
  • As of v6.0, a 3-Star Superconductor 1000 replaced the 2-Star Superconductor 2000. It can be bought for 100,000 Raid Chips.