Pairing certain Bots with the correct bots activates Synergy Bonuses for one or both of them. All Bots have at least one Synergy Bonus except Tier 1 Bots (which they had up to v1.0).



+2-3-8% Armor

Beastial PurificationEdit

Heavy attacks:+25% Attack buff for 5 sec. Purifies All damaging debuffs as long as there two more beast bots with Primal

Brain GainEdit

Brain DrainEdit

Brothers in ArmsEdit

+8% Armor for a faction(Autobots). Additional +8% damage to Melee Attacks in Solo Missions

Code 12: Reckless DrivingEdit

Chief Medical OfficerEdit


+2-3-8% Attack Rating

Espionage SpecialistsEdit

+70% Chance not to trigger opponent's abilities while using Special Attack 2 & 3

Forged to LeadEdit

+8% Armor to Minions.

Forged to ServeEdit

Barricade: Megatron has 100% Chance to inflict extra impair charge while attacking. Grindor: 100% Chance to gain unstoppable at start of fight. Bonecrusher:100% Chance to stun for each 20 impair charges.


Living WeaponEdit

+16% Attack yo Heavy Attacks and Sp3

Medic SupportEdit

+8% Health repaired at start of fight.

Old FriendsEdit


First Heavy inflicts Power Lock for 12 sec.

Racing RivalsEdit


80% of Power Bar at start of fight.


+2-3-8% Armor


+20% CRIT rate for ranged attacks

Shield AmpEdit


5~10~20% Block Proficiency

Speed ChasersEdit


3~4~10% Critical Damage for each sword attack that isn't a Critical Hit until the next Critical Hit. 6~8~12% more Critical Hits in Solo missions.

Sky AssaultEdit

+25% Anti-Evade

Starscream's SeekersEdit

Till All Are OneEdit

+8% Attack Rating for Autobots. +12% Damage to DoT Debuffs in Raids

Till All Is OursEdit

+10% Attack Rating for Decepticons against Autobots.

Unstoppable ForceEdit

Weapon SpecialistsEdit


+15% CRIT Rate to Heavy Attacks