Brilliant and eccentric, Wheeljack is both mechanical engineer and daredevil inventor for the Autobot forces. Despite their sometimes unexpected results, Wheeljack’s inventions have saved his allies countless times.

Max StatsEdit


  • Health: 1557
  • Attack: 137
  • Max Rating: 562


  • Health: 3,823
  • Attack: 287
  • Max Rating: 1,309


  • Health: 9,936
  • Attack: 744
  • Max Rating: 3,525


  • Health: 24,123
  • Attack: 1,806
  • Max Rating: 7,041

Game AbilitiesEdit

Basic AbilitiesEdit

  • Upgrade - This bot is able to construct Upgrades to his Defensive, Offensive, and Power Systems.
  • Shock - Deals Energy Damage over time.
  • Power Leak - Substracts a percentage of the opponents' Power over time.
  • Repair - Repairs lost Health over time.


  • Construction
    • Each time Wheeljack Transforms he begins to Construct a random Upgrade for 4 seconds. [Max 3 Upgrades
    • If Wheeljack Is struck by a Critical Melee Hit while Constructing, the Construction Fails and the Upgrade is lost.
  • Upgrades
    • Defensive Upgrade: 10~20% Damage Resistance and increases to the chance Special Attacks will inflict Stun by 20%.
    • Offensive Upgrade: 15~30% Attack Rating and increases the chance Special Attacks will inflict Shock by 20%.
    • Power Upgrade: 10~20% Power Rate and increases the chance Special Attacks will inflict Power Leak by 20%. 
    • If Wheeljack is struck by a Melee Critical Hit from a Special or Heavy Attack the newest Upgrade constructed will be removed.
  • Success: If Wheeljack Constructs 3 of the same Upgrade type he randomly Repairs between 10-20% of Max Health.

Signature AbilityEdit

Force Shield

Wheeljack’s emergency Force Shield allows him to survive both potentially deadly attacks and catastrophic mishaps in the lab.

  • 75%, 50%, 25% Health: If an enemy attack would reduce Wheeljack’s health below 75%, 50% or 25%, Force Shield will activate, reducing all damage from enemy attacks by 100% for 2~8 seconds.

Special AttacksEdit

1.Prototype - Wheeljack puts his latest invention to the test. What could go wrong?

  • 60% Chance to inflict Shock for 3 seconds.
  • 30% Chance to inflict Power Leak for 2 seconds.
  • 10% Chance to deal Stun for 3 second.

2.Iterate - Some improvements may be prudent.

  • Randomly Replaces all Upgrades.
  • 60% Chance to inflict Shock, 30% chance to inflict Power Leak, and 10% chance to inflict Stun.

3.Perfect - All outcomes meet the desired metrics for success.

  • All Upgrades become the same type as the first Upgrade.
  • 60% Chance to inflict Shock, 30% chance to inflict Power Leak, and 10% chance to inflict Stun.

Synergy BonusesEdit

  • Leadership (5-Star) - Acting as a beacon of leadership for the team, all lower tier Bots gain +10% Critical Rating.




Strong Match-upsEdit

Weak Match-upsEdit

  • Bumblebee (GS) – Bee’s ability to Shield Break will ensure the Force Shield is only a minor nuisance.
  • Drift – Drift’s frequent Critical Melee Hits will throw a wrench in Wheeljack’s plans.

Recommended ModulesEdit

  • Tech Console – The tech console will improve Shocks, Shielding and Repair.
  • Transwarp Cell – The Transwarp Cell mod will ensure that Wheeljack is fully Upgraded by making him use Heavy Attacks more often.


  • Innovator Crystal
  • Engineer Crystal
  • August 2018 Wheeljack Chips


Trivia Edit

  • His design is based on TakaraTomy‘s Transformers : Masterpiece - MP-20 Wheeljack toy but the logo along with the Lancias’ HF text and number ”539” is removed especially the sponsored logos (Alitalia (but kept the A logo),Britax,Pirelli,Oilo Fiat,Magneti Marelli,Sabelt,Bertone,Champion and Bilstein) to avoid licensing issues.

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